Living the Life of a Maryland Massage Therapy School Graduate

Massage Therapist School MarylandOnce you have completed the recommended massage therapy program at your Maryland Massage School and applied for and received your massage therapy license, you are now well on your way to beginning what will be a very enjoyable, profitable, and satisfying career as a LMT. This post takes a look at one of the recently licensed massage therapists so as to give the reader an insight into the lifestyle that LMT’s enjoy.
Now massage therapists can work in a number of job settings. They can work in a hospital, chiropractic office, rehabilitation center, spa, resort hotel, cruise ships, self-employed, and the list really goes on and on. This particular day in the life is of someone who has become self-employed as a licensed massage therapist and has advertised her services to the general public. The first thing Sarah did was answer an ad in the paper of a chiropractor wishing to rent out space for a massage therapist.
Sarah inquired about the space availability, which was reasonably priced, and saw the incredible potential for referrals from the chiropractor. This would ensure a nice flow of business while she continued to market herself and grow her clientele.

So she set-up her office very quickly after signing a lease agreement with the chiropractor. The arrangement she had was that she would offer his clients a discounted rate and he would refer his clients to her. Perfect. She purchased a high quality massage table, chose a line of products that she wanted to you, created a website that would allow customers to book massages right on line, created a facebook page, and put in a phone and answering machine to take calls when she was occupied giving a massage to one of her clients.
Sarah was now ready to really grow her business. She hired a boy in her neighborhood to pass flyers around to all the businesses and houses and she placed small ads in the local paper. Soon word got out that Sarah was an excellent massage therapist and her practice began to grow and grow. After a few months Sarah was busy doing on average 4 to 5 treatments per day. Some clients wanted a swedish massage, some wanted a hot stone massage, some wanted a deep tissue massage, and others wanted reflexology, shiatsu, and thai massage to name a few. Sarah was now working five days per week and doing 4 to 5 treatments per day equaling about $2,000 per week. On an annual basis that’s over $100,000 dollars per year. Sarah couldn’t be happier.

She was now living the lifestyle that her Maryland Massage Therapy School training enabled her to pursue. She not only learned the science and art of giving massage, but she also learned the business side of a successful massage therapy practice. This story is quite typical for those students who work hard and try hard to create their own massage therapy practice.

Sarah did it in Maryland, but really you can do this in any state or country for that matter. Now Sarah focuses on keeping and growing her clientele while providing her top of the line massage therapy services. She even goes back to that Maryland Massage Therapy School to speak to the students and tell them about her experiences which the teachers really appreciate. Sarah’s success can be your success too. Look up Maryland Massage Therapy Schools in your area and go down for a visit. You may be just like Sarah in no time at all.